Cardiovascular Health

  • Detoxilive Capsules

    Code: AP097A
    60’s Capsules
    Dosage: 1X3 after meals


    1. Improves liver function and hence:
      combats fatty liver diseases
      better quality of sleep
      Proper synthesis of vitamins in the body
    2. promotes cardiovascular health
    3. Helps detoxify your system and hence improves blood flow and mental alertness
    4. Promotes normal cholestrol and good pressure range
    KSh 1,500KSh 1,638

    Detoxilive Capsules

    KSh 1,500KSh 1,638
  • Gymease Tea BF Suma

    Code: AP089A
    20 Sachets
    Dosage: 1X2

    KSh 2,250KSh 2,457

    Gymease Tea BF Suma

    KSh 2,250KSh 2,457
  • Reliving Tea BF Suma

    Code: AP081A
    20 Sachets
    Dosage: 1X2

    KSh 2,397KSh 2,457

    Reliving Tea BF Suma

    KSh 2,397KSh 2,457
  • MicrO2 Cycle Tablets

    Code: AP004A
    100’s per bottle
    Dosage: 2X3 Taken Before meals


    1. Helpful for removing blood stasis
    2. Improve the flow of blood through the small vascular network
    3. Enhance oxygen and nutrients delivery
    4. Anti-oxidation, free radical clearance, cardiac muscular protection
    5. Assist cholesterol and trigly cerides normalizations
    6. It improves blood circulation
    7. It improves eye sight
    8. Prevents arteriosclerosis
    9. A strong anti-oxidant
    10. Prevents senile dementia and Alzheimer’s 
    11. Lowers whole blood and plasma viscosity
    12. Decrease blood platelet aggregation
    13. Good for hypertension management
    14. Good for stroke prevention and stroke reversal 
    15. Prevents heart attack and cardiovascular issues

    KSh 2,699KSh 2,730

    MicrO2 Cycle Tablets

    KSh 2,699KSh 2,730
  • Cerebrain BF Suma

    Code: AP077E
    60 tablets
    Dosage: 2X3 with meals


    1. Promotes oxygen delivery to the brain cells
    2. Enhances blood circulation in brain blood vessels
    3. Helps reduce memory loss brought about by aging
    4. Improves brain cell metabolism
    5. Enhances nutrients delivery to the brain
    6. Relaxes the coronary artery to improve blood flow to the heart
    7. Improves function of the nervous system
    8. Relaxes the bronchus and relieves asthma symptoms
    KSh 3,399KSh 3,412

    Cerebrain BF Suma

    KSh 3,399KSh 3,412
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