Bone & Joint Care

  • ZaminoCal Capsules BF Suma

    Code: AP107E
    60’s per bottle
    Dosage: 2X1 taken with meals


    1. Enhances absorption of calcium and zinc to over 90%
    2. Maintain healthy bones & teeth
    3. Prevent and improve osteoporosis
    4. Suitable for minor, teenage and lactating women, and the elderly
    5. Good for prostate health
    6. Improves menstrual cramps
    7. Promotes tissue repair 7 growth
    8. Slows down the ageing process of bone structure
    9. It improves the immune system
    10. Rich in natural collagens which nourishes the skin
    11. It prevents and treats rheumatoid arthritis
    12. It heals and strengthens the muscular, cartilage and nerve tissues
    13. Helps pregnant women to deliver quickly and without excess pain. Also promotes quick healing after delivery. 
    KSh 2,799KSh 2,867

    ZaminoCal Capsules BF Suma

    KSh 2,799KSh 2,867
  • GluzoJoint-F Capsules

    Code: AP004A
    60’s Bottle
    Dosage: 2X1 Taken with meals


    1. Reduces pain symptoms of osteoarthritis
    2. Support he natural ability to regenerate cartilage
    3. Help to rebuild cartilage and lubricate joints
    4. Alleviate the joint discomfort
    5. Help to maintain healthy articular cartilage
    6. Nourishes joints in athletes and active people
    KSh 3,199KSh 3,276

    GluzoJoint-F Capsules

    KSh 3,199KSh 3,276
  • ArthoXtra Tablets

    Code: AP022A
    60’s per bottle
    Dosage: 2X2 Taken with meals


    1. Make and repair joint cartilage
    2. Reduce pain symptoms of osteoarthritis
    3. Improve ability of joint movement
    4. Keeps joints lubricated and normalises join metabolism
    5. Promotes strong and elastic protective tissue
    6. Promote the production of synovial fluid and reduce joint friction
    7. Alleviates such symptoms as swelling, stiffness and numbness
    8. Prevents osteoarthritis
    9. Prevents age-related arthritis for older people
    10. Relieves low back pains and joint pains
    11. Goof for pertartruns of shoulders in middle-aged people

    KSh 4,599KSh 4,785

    ArthoXtra Tablets

    KSh 4,599KSh 4,785
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