• Feminergy Capsules

    Code: AP074E
    60 Capsules
    Dosage: 1X2 30min after food

    Active ingredients: Grape seed extract


    1. Recommended for hormonal imbalance
    2. Relieves fatigue, allergies and menopausal symptoms
    3. Delays aging and maintains a youthful look
    4. Reclaims wrinkles, skin laxity and melasma
    5. Good for people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases
    6. Useful for people undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy
    7. Useful for Alzheimer patients
    8. Good for cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease treatment
    9. Prevents cataracts and has anti-inflammatory effects
    10. Prevents dental cavities and gingivitis
    11. Improves memory alertness
    12. Natural antioxidant
    KSh 3,699KSh 3,822

    Feminergy Capsules

    KSh 3,699KSh 3,822
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